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As a highly experienced Osteopath in Manchester I deal with injuries arising from accidents, sports and general aches and pains but also specialise in alleviating pain and conditions which traditional medicine has not been able to diagnose.

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Back Problems

  • Joint Pain, Arthritis

  • ​Sports Injuries

  • Emotional Issues manifesting as pain

Osteopathy is a preventive and corrective treatment. It places emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body. 

Much of the pain and disability which we suffer, stems from the dysfunction of skeletal structure as well as the damage caused by disease. 

Treating these disorders/dysfunction helps the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Read some of my case studies on some of the more unusual cases I have been presented with.

At the initial consultation, I will take a full history of your symptoms and complaint: I'll ask about your lifestyle, nutrition your general health and your medical history. In order to make a diagnosis and decide on the right treatment plan for you, I will then carry out a physical exam to make a diagnosis and decide on the right treatment plan for you.

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment based on a combination of non-invasive manual therapy techniques, joint manipulation, deep tissue massage, stretching and exercise advice.  

Ideally you will need to wear loose clothing. In general the treatment does not hurt, but there may be aching afterwards, especially if the problem is severe or longstanding, but this normally subsides very quickly.

I won't simply concentrate on treating the problem area; I will use manual techniques to balance and positively influence all the systems of the body's nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems, and provide overall good health and wellbeing and reduce the need for some medications:


  • Relief from your aches and pains

  • Help to improve your posture resulting in less back pain

  • Help improve your mobility and movement

  • Help you return to normal life and everyday activities quicker

  • Relief of built up tension causing sleepless nights

  • Quicker recovery for athletes and sports people

  • Help with advice for prevention of pain

What to expect during an appointment


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