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Chest Pain? You Might Need an Osteopath!

I agree, it’s not an obvious one. But stay with me a moment.

One of my clients, 60 years old, came to me complaining that his chest was hurting him – breathing was painful. He was also feeling really bloated after eating.

He had a hiatus hernia.

He’d visited his doctor and tested negative for Asthma.

But when you have a hernia, your stomach rises up the oesophagus through your diaphragm. And when you breathe in, your diaphragm can’t drop down and expand outwards.

Once you put the stomach back where it belongs, using visceral manipulation, your hernia is sorted and lo, and behold, not only can you breathe properly again, you can also enjoy your Sunday dinner! (Just go easy on the roasties…)

I gave him some exercises to do to make sure everything stayed put in future too.

Osteopaths. Not just for bad backs. 


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