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Coeliac Disease? Yes, an Osteopath can help!

Celiac Disease Symptoms

Can osteopathy impact the immune system? Absolutely, it can!

A patient of mine came to see me recently complaining about pain in her lower back. She’s 41, and she’d been out for a meal or two with friends and family.

She has coeliac disease, so when she ordered her food, she advised the wait staff that she wanted gluten-free dishes.

Not everything goes according to plan, though, does it? And 5 days later, the lower back pain kicked in, along with some singularly unpleasant toileting experiences.

Gluten was clearly in the frame for this one – not a difficult call to make.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease which makes your body attack its own tissues when you eat gluten. Basically, it damages the villi in the small intestine, which means you can’t absorb the nutrients your body needs. This knocks on to cause all sorts of other problems.

When I assessed my patient’s lower back, I found that her pelvic region was restricted. Along with that, her Ileocecal Valve was not functioning properly.

When I sorted these issues out, mobilising the ICV and the valves of my patient’s stomach, her lower back pain dissipated.

Gluten’s in so many of the things we eat; for anyone with coeliac disease, it’s a real problem, as even the tiniest amount can cause havoc.

The good news is, an osteopath can help with the symptoms, and restore your quality of life.

Faz Page – Osteopath. Blessed with healing hands - for gluten grimness, and everything else.


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