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Introducing Jennifer to our team

I would like to introduce you all to our new Associate Osteopath Jennifer Emmott who will be joining our team on 7th April 2022.

Some of you may have already met Jenn at the clinic as she has been shadowing me over the past 18 months as a newly qualified Osteopath.

Here’s some background information you probably didn’t know.

Jenn is a registered Osteopath working at clinics in Dunham Massey, Hale, Macclesfield and now Chorlton!

She has a 30-year history as a radiographer before being inspired to become an Osteopath many years ago after suffering with knee pain, known as chondromalacia patellae (CMP).

After visiting an orthopaedic surgeon and undergoing physiotherapy, and still not being able to climb stairs without significant pain, she undertook 4 visits with an osteopath and bobs your uncle a change of career was born.

Jenn specialises in lower limb problems especially leg length problems, but will cover the usual osteo issues of neck, shoulder, and back issues. She will also be covering Visceral manipulation, helping clients with stomach pain, IBS, ileocecal valve disfunction and other stomach/gut issues.

In 2001 after training for 3 years Jenn gained an extra qualification in Applied Kinesiology, a complimentary therapy which helps identify problems with the gut, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals which can lead to brain fog, fatigue and more commonly fertility problems in women (assuming there is no physical problems).

She is also qualified to perform k-taping which can assist clients with sports injuries to their knees, shoulders, feet and in some cases the neck which can help stabilise disc problems.

Jenn will be available for Osteopathy and Applied Kinesiology bookings on Thursday of each week commencing April 7th.

Welcome to the team Jenn


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