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Pins & Needles.... Sew NOT What you Need

A client of mine, 54 years old, in the prime of his life, was being plagued by pins and needles.

They started in his right arm and then moved to his hand. Then he found that both arms and hands were affected.

For 8 months, he put up with it. Accepted it as a thing that would either pass with time, or it wouldn’t – it was probably just part of getting older.

Fortunately, he decided in the end to come and see me.

I could see that his posture was poor, just from looking at his stance. On further investigation, I found that the nerve bundles on both sides of his body were being irritated by this, and by the fact that his pelvis was out of alignment.

It took 5 sessions to sort him out: I mobilised his pelvis to release the tension in his shoulders, along with his rotator cuff muscles. Then we did some tissue release to make sure the nerve bundles were happy.

All pins and needles are now a thing of the past, I’m happy to say. His quality of life is right back up to where it should be for a man of his age.

If your quality of life’s being compromised, don’t just put up with it. You don’t need to.

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