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Want to have your cake and eat it? Call an Osteopath!

Do you love your food? I do. (As a health professional, I take my food VERY seriously.

Especially cake. Sensible portions of good cake only, thank you. 😎)

A patient of mine, who'd recently been treated for a hiatus hernia, came to see me because he really wasn't able to love his food any more. Every time he sat down to a meal, no matter what it was, he felt bloated and uncomfortable.

I felt for him.

And fortunately, I was able to help him out.

I did the special Listening thing that we osteopaths are trained to do.

Think Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock having a moment in his mind palace.

And yes, Watson, it was just as I suspected. It was the ICV up to its old tricks.

The Ileocecal Valve. It goes by so many different names, it's ridiculous. But essentially, it's the valve that separates the small intestine from the large intestine.

Leaky valves aren't great news, really. Think tyres. Hearts. Definitely worth checking them on a pretty regular basis.

This one was dysfunctional, and was causing a back-flow into the small intestine, creating a bit of a pickle in the abdomen. Literally. Ouch.

As soon as I released the ICV, the tension in the abdomen was no more. Gone. Done like a dinner, you might say.

So now my patient can have his pudding after all. 

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Now, pass me my deerstalker. I do like a good hat.

Osteopaths. We're here to put the icing and the cherries on your cake. Not just for bad backs.

Contact me to arrange a consultation.

Faz Page – Osteopath. Blessed with healing hands.


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