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As a young man in my mid-20s, I am an individual who is supremely fit and strong. However, I have chronic knee issues which have occurred as a result of knee surgery I had when I underwent an ACL reconstruction on my right knee seven years ago when I was just 18-years-old. I ended up developing septic arthritis and undergoing a further five surgical washouts including open knee surgery. This has resulted in chronic problems in my right knee joint and imbalances in my lower body.


Faz began by taking my medical history before doing a series of tests where he identified a problem with the movement of my pelvis as a result of my previous surgeries. Since seeing Faz for a block of appointments, my body is moving better and there’s no limitations to what I can do as I regularly train, stretch and play sport freely. I would recommend Faz to anybody who feels they have issues with movement as a result of any imbalances, injury or pain. Faz has helped release my body’s full moving potential.

 Dane M July 2022

Dear Faz, I wanted to say thank you for treating my client Simon.  He is captain of his rugby team and had been suffering with his calf for some time.  I had been treating him with deep bamboo massage which gave him a couple of weeks relief at a time.  He got to the point where he couldn’t play as his calf and Achilles were too painful.  I knew that he needed your help, so I referred him to you.  You didn’t let me down either.  After 3 treatments he was back on the ruby pitch and coming to me for a regular massage.  He said, thanks for re-tearing his calf muscle, it didn’t hurt a bit!  Don’t let pain ruin your dreams.

Catherine, Wilde Harmony Holistic Massage June 2022

I’ve had several treatments with Faz trying to sort out my lower back pain. I left my first session literally walking on air. I felt so incredibly relaxed and pain free. Each time Faz accesses and adjusts his treatment to alleviate my symptoms.  I have kyphosis, lordosis and mild scoliosis.  And flat feet too. I’m not an easy patient to work on.  I always feel really well looked after by Faz and his wonderful healing hands. I’ve sent several clients to see him, and they’ve all sang his praises.  If you have any body wide pain Faz is your man to get it sorted.  Thank you so much Faz, I really appreciate everything you do to help me.

Ruth, Inner Health Clinic June 2022

When I first approached Faz for help I was suffering greatly with a TMJ disorder and associated tension in my face and neck. Right from the initial phone call to discuss my problem, Faz inspired me with hope of improvement. When treatment began, I found I was soon able to place complete trust in his osteopathic skills. Sometimes vigorous, sometimes gentle, Faz seemed to know instinctively what my body needed. I always had an increased sense of wellbeing after each session, and over time the symptoms that were so uncomfortable have dramatically eased. This has freed me from the anxiety caused by my condition and increased my enjoyment of living. I'm hugely grateful to Faz and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as an osteopath.

Andrew July 2022

I had severe pain in my right hip for the best part of 8 years.  It was a mystery pain with no obvious cause, no injury, no strains, nothing.  I used to love running but had to give it up due to the increasing severity of the pain.  Very fed up, I went to see Faz.  He asked me about my overall health, all issues from energy levels, to sleep, emotional state, diet and digestion.  As soon as he heard that I had long term IBS/digestive issues he immediately identified the cause of the problem.  The issue was not with my hip, so no amount of the yoga I was doing was ever going to help.  It was transferred internal pain.

Faz used techniques to manipulate and improve my digestive health.  After one session the pain dissipated, and after two it vanished completely.  I am running again and I am absolutely pain free. Its absolutely remarkable, to the point that I rang Faz mid run the other day to tell him it had worked because I am so grateful.

He also sorted out a temperamental post child birth pelvic problem in no time at all.

I'd recommend Faz in a heartbeat.  He takes a holistic view of health and has a unique understanding of the relationship between the mechanical, visceral and mental health.


What can I say! You are a miracle maker!! Two weeks ago I could not walk and now I can. In fact, in just one session you freed my back up so much than when you asked me to jump down off the bench and touch my toes I did not believe you. But there it was, my hand were touching my feet and I was shocked beyond belief. Thank you so much for popping my back. It was the most satisfying sound I have heard in ages and the relief from the pain afterwards was amazing. I refer you to every one I meet even if they do not have bad backs.

Chaz N

For decades suffered from back and neck pain. Physiotherapy brought temporary relief but pain returned. Thanks to special exercises and yoga could move, but in the worst days could not get out of bed. Our general coach of yoga recommended referring to the Faz. After few treatments I felt the taste of life anew. After a while I started boxing, which I could not even dream about with a bad condition of the spine. I am grateful to the Faz for the help and I recommend him as a very good specialist. Do not lose hope of recovery!

Snow S

Hi Faz Thxs for YOUR help .. I had a very good sleeping due to your medical care ... All is ok and my trouble with my neck is now better and better ... Good job All best

Patrick A

For any one who is not familiar with osteopathic treatment, I have discovered after ten miserable years of shoulder pain that having this treatment could have given me my life back sooner if only I had known Faz. The difference between Faz and physiotherapists is Faz uses his hands to diagnose and treat a range of illnesses and painful conditions, his view that abnormalities in the structure of the body and the way it functions can cause. Faz taught me how to manage pain and advised me with self-help strategies. Faz is wonderful, his treatment is amazing, I have no regrets and can honestly say, if you are suffering, you don't need to be. Faz treated my shoulder for me which had been uncomfortable for the last 10 years. After treatment I felt very relaxed and I had more movement in gym. I do not hesitate to recommend Faz to any friends and family or my contacts.

Afshin S

I booked to see Faz after ongoing problems with my back and neck. Faz established that my pelvis was misaligned. Since being treated I am no longer in any pain and have not had to wear my insoles. It's been fantastic. Thank You!

Zara C

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