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Back pain? We can help

One of my patients, a man in his late 20's, recently booked an appointment with me complaining of lower back pain.

When he was bending forwards or twisting, the pain was excruciating. His quality of life was pretty pants, to be frank, and he wasn’t happy.

I did my thing and found that his right lumbar facet joint in the L3 - L5 zone was restricted.

(In case you’ve never heard of the facet joints before, basically, they connect the bones of the vertebrae in the spine. They have lots of nerves in them and they also bear a huge amount of stress and weight. And yes, you guessed correctly: lots can go wrong here… )

Good thing I know all about them, I guess.

What did I do for him?

I got him mobilised and massaged and stretched out his lumbar spine so that the tension in his lower back was dramatically reduced, and his flexibility was increased.

3 treatments on, my patient is pain-free and enjoying life once again.

If your back's killing you, don’t suffer in silence - give me a shout. Those facet joints are tricky little blighters. But I know how to handle them.

Osteopaths. The knowledge. The experience. The ability. Your back pain, sorted.

Book online here; or call me on 0161 881 6482. You can find me at my consulting rooms at 341 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, M21 7QH.


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