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Back pain? Don't suffer in silence

Back pain. It’s something almost everyone experiences at some point, to some level.

So when I saw my patient again – a woman in her early 30s who I’ve been helping for the last 3 years, on and off, for her lower back pain – I thought it was another open and shut case.

But humans are all different. And the human body is such a mysterious thing.

The pain was different this time: it was more on her right side than her left, and it was radiating down her spine, giving her real problems when she was driving. Ouch. She’d also had a headache for a WEEK.

My inner Sherlock woke up and started happily processing the clues.

Her pelvis was affected, as was her sacral area. Her entire range of movement was being negatively affected, suggesting that this was a problem with deep roots.

As the treatment went on, I asked questions, my brain ticking over rapidly.

I found out that she used to work for the Prison Service, in the First Response Team.

Once, she’d been thrown violently against a wall.

The body isn’t designed to be thrown. She wasn’t ready for it. (Who would be?)

The trauma of that event was still playing out in her body, from her right pelvic area to the shoulder.

Fortunately, she was in the right place: osteopathy works. I was able to disperse the trauma and release the pelvis through the sacrum.

As humans with incredible design, we have amazing abilities to compensate when things go wrong. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ is in our DNA – it wasn’t invented by an advertising company.

But sometimes the stresses and strains caused by carrying on regardless are too much, and something has to give.

The body will let you know when it's ready. How fantastic this body was to keep on keeping on for 3 whole years.

If your body’s trying to tell you something, you don’t need a detective. You need an osteopath. Because sometimes, timing isn't perfect. And you need it sorting now.

Don't carry on suffering, book an appointment online and let me help.


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