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Working From Home in Lockdown? How's your Posture?

These are testing times. We’re all up against it. But we’re amazing creatures, capable of adapting to all sorts of circumstances.

So when a client of mine, a 49 year old woman, attended my clinic recently, complaining that her face was hurting her, my alarm bells immediately started ringing.

“Your sinuses are painful, huh? How long has this been going on?”

The pain was mainly on the right side of her face, and on her forehead. She also told me that her face and neck were itchy, and she was feeling a burning sensation all over her body.

Could you work comfortably under those conditions? No, me neither.

She’d been to her GP. Blood tests all came back with negative results.

I never wanted to be a private detective as a kid. But now I regularly find myself in Sherlock Holmes mode – and I love it!

I did my orthopaedic assessment: nothing was immediately obvious.

But I noticed that my patient was holding her head slightly forwards – it was only by a slight angle, but it was enough for me to ask more questions.

Guess what?

She’s working from home. And does she have an ergonomically designed, posture-friendly, health-and-safety certified work-station?

No, Watson, she does not.

The cranial vault – your skull – has some really major nerves in it. 12, to be precise.

And an incorrect head posture can cause all kinds of problems when your cranial nerves are in any way affected.

That’s where Cranio-Sacral techniques win every time.


Research Cranio-Sacral Therapy on the internet, and you might read some less than positive information. It’s been around since the 1970’s, which means that medically it’s still very much the new kid on the block. If I was practising this “Dark Art” back in 1620, rather than 2020, I might well have been burned as a witch!

But remember - everything we now know about the human body and its functions was once unknown. And people once believed the world was flat…


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